Tips to cover the toes just fine, with fine with very sexy, perfect to show women sexy feet high heels, especially suitable for wearing wedding dresses, long skirts and other clothes, and in the usual wear, choose a simple self-cultivation clothes, such as Wearing a strapless skirt, revealing charming clavicle lines and shoulders, it matches the style of the shoes. The exquisite pointed-toe type can concentrate the lines on both sides of the legs to the tip of the shoe, so as to achieve a slimming effect. In addition, the design of the invisible insteps reveals a small and sexy appeal. And its unique cross-tie design, the outline of the foot more beautiful and moving, elegant style of lady Fan elegant appearance.

The most typical color pointed sexy thin shallow high-heeled, after many years of popular charm continues unabated, is a light mature woman show sexy and charming senior wear. Take a chiffon shirt and wear a slim suit jacket, wear a black bag hip skirt, then pick up a chain bag, instantly create a neat OL style. Sexy pointed high-heeled version, smooth and straight shoes, shallow mouth more sexy.

Simple European and American sexy characters with high-heeled sandals are more comfortable to wear. The black suede design looks more white. The heel will be stable when you walk, and there are soft cushions under the soles of your feet. Coupled with the simple word buckle, not only can avoid tedious but also can be modified ankle, easy to wear everyday is very convenient and intimate. No one can resist this pair of real wear shoes, minimalist upper design, not too much complicated decoration.